Found a new home 25-09-2019 ( in Holland )🤗

Arturo has been with GRA for a week. This little guy was noticed by a friendly man while he was hiding under a car.
He immediately went with Arturo to the fat for the first care and to have a blood test taken. Unfortunately, Arturo tested positive for various things, including Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma and Anemia …
He now receives the necessary care / medication to make him better and you gradually see that he is already feeling better. He still has a long way to go. Arturo is the perfect example of the consequences of not having to be vaccinated ……..
After his healing process, this small, sweet little boy will be ready to leave his past behind and be able to look forward to a new, brighter future.

Children: unknown
Cats: yes
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes



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