This week was D – Day for Pegaso, his adoption family came to pick him up at GRA.
Finally, this wonderful young boy can go to his forever home in Belgium.

Sunday evening March 3th, we received an emergency call. We were asked if we could help a badly injured galgo who was laying before someone’s front door 🚪 in Vera.
Pegaso had a very complicated fracture and needed three operations.
His revalidation finally took over 4 months, with a lot of love and attention, Pegaso could keep his leg and became a handsome young fellow.
We want to thank everyone who helped to bring Pegaso story to a happy end, there are so many people who have helped and supported us to mention all names.
The people who found Pegaso and brought him to us, the traumatologist in Lorca for doing a wonderful job and last but not least, Anja and Gary his new family who will give him a save and warm home for the rest of his life.
Good luck my friend.



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