<span lang ="nl">Pixie – Reserved ( leave 8 November )</span>

Found a new home 08-11-2019 ( in Italy )🤗

Hello everyone, I am Pixie and a podenco female of almost 2 years young. My life was hard until a few weeks ago and every day a struggle for survival. A long time ago I was dumped somewhere where I had never been before, I really only knew the stable where I sat with many other Podencos.
For example, I walked around for days until I got somewhere where houses were back. There was a lovely couple who gave me food and drinks. At first I was a little suspicious but after a few days I was so thirsty and hungry that I still dared to go and have a look. I stayed in the neighborhood as there was always water and food. Although I already had faith in people, it remained difficult to bring me to safety. That is why a team decided to install a catch cage. Then it all went quickly, after my rescue, I was immediately taken to the vet for a check up. Fortunately the help arrived just in time, it was determined that I was pregnant and that the puppies in my belly were very large. I would never have survived the birth, so it was decided to end the pregnancy early. Everything went well, after the procedure I got a home with GRA.
When I am fully recovered I would like to have a real home and leave my past behind.

Children: unknown
Cats: yes
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes



Any Comments?

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