Found a new home 09-07-2021 ( in Italy )🤗

Meet Sailor, finally arrived at GRA.
Our help was asked when this little galgo boy was barely 6 weeks old. Sailor wasn’t wanted by the galguero, they take the puppies too early away from the mum, so he was very weak and it took a while before he started to drink / eat something.
But his foster mum Mamen took care of him 24h a day, and the little man survived. Because Sailor was quite far away and it’s a long journey for such a young weak puppy we asked Mamen if she could take care of him until he was strong enough.
Regularly we got some updates that everything went fine and he put on some weight. So on Thursday Saioir was well enough to make the journey to GRA. In the meanwhile this handsome guy got his second vaccination, in a month he will receive his last vaccination, chip / passport.
Sailor was already reserved the minute we were asked to take him in. Of course we informed his new family about his condition but they were willing to adopting him.
Sailor is a lucky boy in July he can start a new life in his new family.


Any Comments?

Christine Cummings
4 months 20 days ago

Wonderful just look at him now,bless him xxx

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