Found a new home 25-09-2019 ( in Belgium )🤗

This is Sala 3 years old, she is rescued from a perrera in “Badajoz”. When this sweet girl came to GRA, she was covered with wounds as a result of tick bites and her fur was also terribly dirty. Her body weight is almost 21 kg, which is far too little for her big one. Sala will therefore be given the necessary time to gain and strengthen weight. She has already been checked by our vet and blood tests were negative for Leish, Erlichia and Filaria.
Unfortunately, Sala has been tested positive for Anaplasma, and treatment has been started with doxiciclina for a period of 28 days to kill this dirty parasite. After this treatment / rehabilitation, it can be sterilized. She also received all her vaccinations / chip and European passport.

Despite her past, this sweetheart is not afraid that I prefer to be in the company of people.
Soon Sala is ready to leave her past behind and look forward to a bright future

Children: uncoated
Cats: unknown
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes


Any Comments?

1 year 6 months ago

Not a new thuis😁 And she does it in Super Belgium but in Netherlands, We are so pleased with her. She is now called Saya. If she is happy she takes her tail, my husband they really buddies she is so happy when he comes home..
Our Ozzy mix podenco Maneto was just scan, but are now frequently together.
Walking they look great, but she definitely has a hunting instinct..
She also went with the camper, Also they really like.
We are very happy with her.
Greetings Sandra.

9 months 4 days ago

She is doing great, she is now 1 1/2 year with us, she is a funny girl a happy girl, she loves my husband she is happy when hey gets home.
She loves to walking on the beach
We love her❤️❤️❤️

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