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Found a new home 13-12-2019 🤗

Sylvana arrived with her sister Suzanna at GRA January this year. Both sisters were saved from the clutches of hunters. They have been housed in a paying shelter for a while, but unfortunately the two sisters were not allowed to come out of this. They were, on a regular basis, let out by a lovely English couple who were concerned about the fate of these two girls. Thanks to them they were given shelter at GRA. It was a whole new world that applied to the sisters. Playing with other peers, staying in a kennel where there is enough space. A 3 to 4 times daily exercise on the playground …
Although they are sisters, they have a different character.
Sylvana: age 5 years
This girl is good with other dogs and very affectionate towards people. She is a very calm galga who in itself does not require a lot of exercise but does require the necessary hugs and attention. A friend in the new family is always nice but does not have to be for Sylvana. This sweetheart is fully vaccinated, blood test (Leish / Erlichia / Filaria / Anaplasma), chip / European passport / sterilized.

Children: unknown
Cats: yes
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes



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