Found a new home 16-11-2021 ( in Holland )🤗

Willy was found wandering somewhere in the Fuente Alamo region.
When he arrived at GRA, he limped a bit.
X-rays were taken and Willy doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. That’s why the vet doesn’t consider it an opportunity to do surgery now.
Willy is a cheerful and playful young boy who isn’t anxious at all, very social with both humans and animals.

Birthdate 15/02/2020
Breed mix
Size medium
Passport Yes
Microchipped Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Blood test all clear ( Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Filaria )
Neutered Yes
Dog friendly Yes


Any Comments?

Abbey Zap
6 months 20 days ago

he is cute

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