Galgos Rescue Almeria
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Galgos Rescue Almeria

About Us

Galgos Rescue Almeria (GRA) is a small shelter that mainly is concerned with the fate of galgos and podencos. These breeds are not protected at all by the Spanish government as they are used, (abused is a more correct word), for hunting so they are considered as a tool. Hunting with galgos and podencos is still a tradition in Spain therefore they are not covered by animal welfare rules. If they already exist and are used in Spain.

Of course we do not close our eyes to other breeds / animals in need, and we also open our hearts and doors for them.

We take care of the dogs and prepare them for a new and better life. Together with a few organizations, a suitable home and family is sought for these neglected, abandoned and abused animals

How we Work

Most of the dogs are in poor and neglected condition, some also sick

First they get rid of fleas and ticks, then they get a bath.

After one or two days we go to the vet to do a blood test, depending the result they are immediately vaccinated and get a microchip and passport.

Then starts the socialization, most of them wearing a backpack full of traumas. After a few days, some are more or less relieved of their negative experiences. Others may take months. Some weeks later they all get neutered.

The right match is sought for every dog. First, a questionnaire must be completed by the potential adoptive family. Then a home visit is done to have an introductory meeting, and also to see if the living conditions are suitable for the chosen dog. If this home visit is not the right match, then another dog may be suggested more suitable for this family.

The adopted dog is either transported with guidance by plane or by road with a professional and fully legal transport with traces.

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