Past away over the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈 12-03-2020
Our world stops turning for a while. With a heavy heart we have to announce that Boyo passed away this afternoon.
This brave boy fought so hard but his tiny body lost the battle.
When Boyo arrived at GRA, he was a bit skinny but didn’t seem ill. Despite eating well and apparently feeling well, he did not gain any weight.
The blood test showed that his kidney values were not good, so we immediately start special nutrition for kidney patients.Strangely enough, he did not show the classic symptoms such as not eating and vomiting, except that he was too skinny he still seemed to feel good. It went quiet well for a few weeks and a new blood test was taken regularly.
Last week it suddenly went worse and had little appetite, he stopped eating last Thursday and we brought him straight to the clinic, He was put on a drip to prevent dehydration. Days passed but he didn’t want to eat anymore.
During our visit today we had a very bad feeling, there was little or no response and he even seemed too tired to look at us. We made the decision to let him fall asleep peacefully in our presence, but his little soul gave up his fight against his kidney failure.
We and your friends at GRA are going to miss you, have a safe trip over the rainbow 🌈 🌈 🌈 little friend. This is not a farewell, once we meet again.

Meet this sweet beautiful podenco boy Boyo, he is almost 3 years.
Boyo stayed for a while in a shelter, After his roommate founds his forever home GRA was asked to help with homing Boyo.
This gorgeous little boy is very friendly and good with other dogs.
Despite he is podenco he is very very calm and doesn’t have the attention to escape. He is totally vaccinated, chipped/ European passport and neutered. So ready to go to new family.

Children : yes
Cats : yes
Other dogs : yes
Being alone : a few hours
Car : yes
Clean : yes


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