Found a new home 31-07-2020 ( in Italy )🤗

Brown was noticed by a boy in Pulpi. For some time he fed him and Brown followed him to his school and waited patiently for the boy to return home.
Unfortunately his parents didn’t want Brown to stay close to their house.
So a volunteer from APA Nueva Vida asked if GRA could take him in. Since the beginning of December APA gave him a safe place away from the street. On Friday this beautiful boy arrived at GRA. Brown is 1 year old totally vaccinated, chip/ European passport. He tested negative for Leish, Erlichia and Anaplasma. The 4th of February this boy is booked for castration. GRA wants to thanks 🙏 HAA for helping in his medical costs.

Children : yes
Cats : unknown
Other dogs : yes
Being alone : a few hours
Car : yes
Clean : yes


Any Comments?

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