Found a new home 12-06-2020 ( in Italy )🤗

Careta arrived at GRA on March 31, 2019. This small fragile galgo girl was rescued from clawing from a galguero somewhere in the Extramadura region. Unfortunately for Careta the misery was not over yet. This girl was so badly abused / abused that she was scared of everything and everyone. So the perrera where she ended up wanted her to fall asleep. Fortunately GRA was asked for help and we took care of her. It took weeks for Careta to dare to leave her sleeping quarters. She was so scared that she didn’t dare look at anyone and put her stools where she was. After a lot of patience and attention, this sweet galgo started to gain confidence little by little. We are unfortunately not quite there yet. Careta has now built a bond with the people of GRA and that is already a first step for her integration into society.
So you see that love / patience / attention can mean a lot in the life of a traumatized dog.
So for now it is a little too early to leave for a new home.

Careta can be hosted remotely. This can be done in different ways (paypall, bank transfer, strip)

Children: unknown
Cats: unknown
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes


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