Found a new home 12-06-2020 ( in Italy )🤗

This fragile girl is named Gitana and arrived at GRA a few weeks ago. Unfortunately Gitana tested positive for Leish and Erlichia 😥. She already got a treatment with doxiciclina for her Erlichia, concerned her Leish we already started a treatment with Milteforan. At this moment this gorgeous girl is doing great and has to take Leisguard and Allopurinol to control her Leish.
Gitana is 3 years old totally vaccinated, chip / European passport – soon she will be neutered. This girl is playfull and very attached to people ones she knows you, also good with other dogs / cats.

Children : yes
Cats : yes
Other dogs : yes
Being alone : a few hours
Car : yes
Clean : yes


Any Comments?

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