Lunita’s verhaal en een nieuwe start voor haar verdere revalidatie

A few months ago we were tagged by Veronique Emsens in a message from our colleagues in Spain: “Greyhound Rescue Almeria”

It was a Podenco with an underdeveloped hemisphere in that powerful ataxia …

Popular tips were asked in experiences …

I called Sandy Galgoslover and we talked about how things could be done.

Sandy in John did their best for Lunita.
They had an MRI done to have a perfect diagnosis.
She made a separate departure for Lunita in buying her a special food bowl in Thunder Shirt in the hope that her stability would increase.

A month ago we received the question that we wanted to include Lunita in our home ❤️

Sandy in John run a hotel and asylum in Almería interested in this immense time.
They wanted Lunita to be given a more personal approach, hence the question to us ❤️

Immediately we started to figure out how in what we could turn into custom in departing rooms of Lunita …

After all, you cannot simply place an ataxia patient in a pack.

Ataxia patients have no control over their muscles in movements, they can do strong balance disorders in even ugly falls so … they must be protected ☝🏻
Other dogs also often understand the sudden beweakite in …

We placed a call for running (yes, this was because of running so … 😉😁) and also several baby products were requested such as park rims in rubber puzzle tiles.

Bart de Bouwer went to work put under our terrace outside, a large room.

Edges Were Trimmed With Waterproof Mattresses In The Floor Covered With Rubber Tiles.

Inside, Ariel’s departure was divided into 2 (reed was provided), in which all edges were protected with park borders in tiles.

In both rooms, a Fiocco mattress from Ingrid Fiocco was laid with incontinence cover, such animals from pure excitement could also have a minor accident ☺️🙈

We ordered a special harness for her with 2 handles (to be fitted)

On Tuesday John departed met from a car from far away Almeria to personally deliver Lunita to us.

John arrived here late Wednesday evening and pulled out a small transport box car …

So immensely small we Hadn’t Expected Her 😱
Lunita is a Extremely mini Podenco
But oooooooooh So sweet, Enthusiastic and full of joy in life ❤️

After an emotional goodbye to John in a bowl of wet food, she fell asleep on Wednesday 😴

Yesterday morning she was still KO but around 10 am our rose woke up ☺️

Her tail is not standing still …
She wants to be with you constantly, sings for you 😁
She eats in drinks perfectly herself, can walk …

Outside of her ataxia she is therefore a perfectly normal dog ❤️

Our first work is to adjust her outside of departure. Mommy is so small that she can run through underneath

Inside, owls tiles have been replaced by letter tiles because the first ones were too slippery for her 😏

I am now going to contact nutritionists to hear what nutrition in any supplements we give Lunita the best.

After all, Ataxia creatures use an enormous amount of energy just to keep themselves straight, which makes them difficult to gain weight.

A good, rich in nutritious diet will make her gain weight, her muscles in joints helped in her also give her more stability 💪🏻

When we get that right, I hear if we can start hydro therapy to strengthen Lunita’s muscles.

But first get used to unwinding.

Our pack in respond to no longer on Lunita in some of our dogs are going to visit her at the departure.Good worries 🙏🏻.

We also want to thank all the people who donated running in baby materials 🙏🏻❤️

We would also like to thank Bene Bene in Ciara for their metering ❤️🙏🏻

Welcome little My Girl Lunita😘


Any Comments?

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