Found a new home 28-04-2023 ( in Italy )🤗

A few days ago this galgo, apparently abandoned Urcal region, appeared and help was requested. This girl doesn’t really look neglected/malnourished. No microchip to be found after the first check at the vet. At the moment Sunny, this is the name she got from the people who asked for help, is staying in our host family.
Sunny is not scared, she’s very attached to people ( love to cuddle ) and it goes well in the pack ( males / females )

Birthdate 16/03/2021
Breed galgo
Size medium
Passport Yes
Microchipped Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Blood test all clear ( Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Filaria )
Neutered Yes
Dog friendly Yes


Any Comments?

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