Pequeña ( reserved )

This little girl is one of the galgos that arrived on February 11th. On arrival, Pequeña ( 2 years old, her fur is a little bit longer on her back ) was in very bad shape. She was thin (severely malnourished), her body showed numerous ugly wounds, her tail was battered, ….. in short, we saw a lot of misery. Luckily this gorgeous girl tested negative for the most common Mediterranean diseases. Pequeña is still a bit wary for everything that’s new for her, but we give her all the time she need to recover from her past.

Birthdate 25/06/2021
Breed galgo
Size Big
Passport Yes
Microchipped Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Blood test all clear ( Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Filaria )
Neutered to be done
Dog friendly Yes


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