Found a new home 09-06-2023 ( in Italy )πŸ€—

This 7 year old girl was dumped in the perrera. It’s always heartbreaking when a galgo at that age is no longer useful and ends up in a perrera. China’s body shows numerous scars, indicating a heavy and hard past. Fortunately, she is not traumatized and very affectionate. This sweet girl tested negative for the most common Mediterranean diseases πŸ‘. Chica is a quiet girl and she feels great in the pack. We’re looking for a new home for her where she can enjoy peace, love and hugs.

Birthdate ?
Breed galgo
Size medium
Passport Yes
Microchipped Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Blood test all clear ( Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Filaria )
Neutered to be done
Dog friendly Yes


Any Comments?

Laila Stephen
9 months 3 days ago

Hi there. Has Chica been cat tested yet?

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