Found a new home 28-04-2023 ( in Italy )πŸ€—

This beauty comes from the Cartagena region and was given away by her owner (hunter) under the guise of “no longer useful”. Prisa (3 years 6 months) is a very shy girl. Everything that is unknown to her she finds a bit scary. She likes to play and the presence of her peers. Prisa isn’t dominant and needs friends who teach her to trust. For this reason we are looking for a home with people who have experience with galgos and where there are other dogs.
Prisa’s body shows no scars does not mean that there are no traumas.

Birthdate 15/09/2019
Breed galgo
Size Big
Passport Yes
Microchipped Yes
Vaccinated Yes
Blood test all clear ( Leish, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Filaria )
Neutered Yes
Dog friendly Yes


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