Found a new home 27-11-2020 ( in Italy )🤗

GRA would like to ask extra attention for the biggest of the gang, Rastreator, we call him simply Rasta.
Like all dumped dogs, this beautiful Greyhound (or Galgo Ingles as they call it in Spain) carries a whole pack full of misery. Although there is currently no sign of this anymore.
Rastreator arrived in GRA on January 31 this year.
At the first vet visit, he unfortunately tested positive for Leish. Fortunately the organs were not affected by this disease. However, his Leish level was so high that treatment with Milteforan was required in combination with the standard Allopurinol. However, this did not go so smoothly for this sweet big teddy bear. He got bald spots in various places, some of which also became wounds.
Fortunately this is all over now and his Leish is under control. Rasta (he listens to that) turns 6 in September. He is fully vaccinated and castrated, so completely ready to leave his past behind and look forward to a new bright future.
Although Rasta is very social and everyone’s friend, preferably no family with cats for this boy.
Who has lost his heart to this boy and would like to give him the golden basket that he really deserves?

Children: yes
Cats: no
Other dogs: yes
Being alone: a few hours
Car: yes
Clean: yes


Any Comments?

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